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Rock & Ruddle kids hairbrush

Rock & Ruddle kids hairbrush

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The Natural Boar Bristle with Nylon tips is Rock & Ruddle's best selling hairbrush!

This small mixed bristle brush has a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for brushing through all hair types. Each bristle glides smoothly through your hair, detangling and conditioning as it spreads the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair, making it look and feel shiny and healthy.

This unique hairbrush has a removable bristle pad for easy and thorough cleaning. It also provides excellent exfoliation for your scalp and encourages hair growth!

This small brush is ideal for the littles in your home to implement hair health practices at a young age and kick-start their luscious locks. Instead of struggling and fighting it into their routine, hair brushing can be something “fun” to incorporate with the different designs available, gentle detangling action and opportunity to have matching brushes with their mom, dad or siblings!

These small brushes are great for on-the-go hair care to throw in your gym bag, backpack, briefcase, car or overnight bag! So you never have to be without your favourite brush.

*Small Brush: 7" x 2"

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